Mason Aviles

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Mason Aviles

Engineering the Web of Tomorrow

At the forefront of digital innovation, I harness

Typescript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Next, Redux


Django, Flask, Pelican, Script Tooling

to develop and create web journeys that

SASS/Scss, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Chakra UI


WebGL, WebGPU, GASP, anime.js, three.js, Lottie

, and

Vite, Webpack, Jest, GraphQL, NPM

experiences and users across the globe.

At the forefront of digital innovation, I harness Javascript & Python to develop and create web journeys that captivate, engage, and optimize experiences and users across the globe.


Specializing in React.js and Next.js, I craft efficient and visually stunning UIs, also skilled in Angular.js and Vue.js, across environments like Webpack and Vite. Product & Admin UI


I create animated, high-performance artist portfolios using cutting-edge technologies like WebGL and WebGPU, focusing on engagement and innovation. 3D Keyboard Photography Portfolio


I create marketing integrations and solutions that amplify your brand's presence and engage your target audience. Marketing Landing


I specialize in developing high-performance digital platforms for businesses, with a portfolio that includes work for leading companies.

Enhanced's UI and monitoring solutions, driving better performance insights and user engagement through technical innovation.

Contributed to's UI development, focusing on the Apple Card experience, ensuring seamless user interaction and design integrity.

Led Amperity's website revamp with scalable solutions to boost user engagement and streamline content management, enhancing brand visibility.

Advanced Smartsheet's front-end features, implementing responsive design to improve platform usability and project management efficiency.


My animations breathe life into web projects, enhancing user interaction through motion and design. I use frameworks like Anime.js, Three.js, Webgl & WebGPU, and Lottie. 3D Keyboard Animation Gallery Cursor Gallery


I develop extensive template libraries to streamline design and development processes with the Chakra UI, Tailwind CSS, and/or Bootstrap. Template Gallery


I offer expert freelance development services, guiding projects from concept to launch with a focus on React, Wordpress, and Shopify for robust solutions. My dedication to quality ensures client satisfaction across diverse industries. TanukiTech Solutions

In the intricate world of technology, I architect solutions that catalyze innovation, drive progress, and simplify the digital experience.